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My illustration journey began with a global nomadic global childhood, moving from place to place and developing a fascination of ordinary daily life. These formative travels ignited an intense curiosity of people and the entirely unique way every individual chooses to live their life. The unrooted nature of my childhood made me an outside observer, who readily soaked up the hustle and bustle of whatever was going on around me, wherever I was.

My bohemian wild ways were tamed (somewhat, I will forever be part free spirit) at boarding school in the English countryside where my talent for drawing was spotted, nurtured and invested in … and the rest is history.

Aged eighteen art schools in London and New York beckoned where finally, after years of searching for a feeling of belonging I found it. The world of design was was where my people had been all this time! These instrumental years lead me down various creatives paths until one Monday when I enrolled in a fashion illustration class ‘for fun’ at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. I will forever remember that September day  2007 and the light filled airy studio crammed with easels, reams of blank paper and a beautiful fashion mode ready to pose for a class of eager students to draw. On that Monday I met my future … I was to become a fashion illustrator.

While living in the endlessly inspiring Manhattan I developed an illustration portfolio of fashion illustrations which I tentatively showed to industry professionals both sides of the Atlantic. During this time I worked in different areas of the fashion business from design, to styling, to fashion journalism and finally to trend forecasting. To my great honour (and quite frankly relief) my work was overwhelmingly well received and the foundations of my current career was laid.

Within a short time the client demand for fashion illustrations outweighed the time I had to illustrate, so out went working for various fashion brands and companies (think Devil Wears Prada) and I made the bold leap to establish my own studio, which is where you find me now.

It’s here I spend my days, immersed in a world filled with luxury, fashion, design and art. I am forever endlessly grateful that i’ve somehow totally lucked out and captured the career of my dreams.

Fashion illustration is a perfect hybrid of my fascination of people and my unadulterated adoration of art and design. My work ties together the threads of my life experiences by allowing me to study people and capture a moment in their lives while giving it an sophisticated, stylish, elegant and aspirational twist.

This Journal is a window onto my world and where I share my life from the studio and beyond.

Welcome, welcome!