Summer Sojourn

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Life lesson number two million and twenty seven: an ultra short, chic staycation renews the soul.

Lucky me! I was whisked away from the illustration studio for a surprise luxury mini-break in Jersey and have some important information to share with you …

I’ve found (a nearby) paradise! Yes, you read that right. You don’t need to book an expensive jaunt to the Maldives, Seychelles or any other tropical far flung destination worthy of  Condé Naste Traveller. I’ve witnessed with my own eyes a place akin with heaven on earth.


I don’t know about you but I’m a firm believer in every now and then it’s good to be forcibly jolted from one’s daily routine by something unexpected and spontaneous. Although I adore the creative bubble I float around in and have a very happy work/life blend, I do have a tendency to work (far) too much and not admit when I’m feeling a little jaded or, to be frank, utterly exhausted. Like with lots of designers, it’s in my DNA to be a perfectionist, to endlessly strive from goal to goal and to plot strategic steps up the sky high creative career ladder.

If I’m honest (and what’s the point in not being) the past few months have been a blur: a haze of days spent desk bound in my illustration studio or at Just Add Stamp HQ. 2018 has merged into one long work-fest. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved every second, from illustrating fresh ideas for future stationery collections, lengthy discussions with Lisa about our unique stationery brand and engaging with the rapidly growing Just Add Stamp tribe. It’s exciting to be forming a network of like minded style devotees who, like us, prefer to share their inspiring finds and discoveries with a stamp rather than a click.

These work filled hours, coupled with an action packed social life (I’m a girl who certainly doesn’t do dull and boring), meant tiredness levels which had reached an all time high. Put simply, I wasn’t keeping up with life. At any given moment I could easily have fallen asleep with no idea when I would have woken. Note to self: purchase a luxurious velvet chaise long for JAS HQ, just incase.

But … drum roll … I’m happy to report I’ve been cured of my malaise. Hooray! As I type the contents of my head out onto my trusty MackBook Pro keyboard I’m wide awake with a renewed sense of clarity.

The remedy? Being whisked away for a surprise 36 hour mini-break to the beautiful Longueville Manor, a five star luxury hotel on the island of Jersey. A short flight means it’s possible to go from home to hotel as quick as a flash. Humdrum to holiday!  This lovingly restored Jersey manor house is a boutique luxury hotel and one of Europe’s most celebrated getaway destinations. Lucky me!

Landing in Jersey you can’t help but be overwhelmed by it’s beauty and tranquility. The endless coastline comprises of beaches and inlets where golden sand is smoothed by turquoise green, crystal clear waters. The air is so clear it’s as if your lungs are being spring cleaned. The hustle and bustle of ‘real life’ is a distant memory, time seems to stand still and you can simply ‘be’. Determined to make the most of my surprise adventure, I switched off my phone, switched off from my work life and switched into serious R&R mode.

My Jersey jaunt consisted of nothing in particular and there were no grand plans. Put simply, it was perfect. The time was filled with exploring the island, stopping at several beaches to walk and wander and sitting in quirky beach side cafes making future plans and contemplating life. The time away was a starling reminder to disconnect from time to time, remove myself from life, discover somewhere slower and fill days with simply living. I fell in love with Jersey and fell back in love with my life.

At Just Add Stamp we like to live life and share it – in anyway! We adore social media and as a fantastic way of sharing our latest lifestyle discoveries with fellow style fiends immediately but not-so-secretly we are big(er) fans of enjoying the moment, then writing about it and sharing our adventures. We know there’s space for traditional post (with a stamp) as well as social media post (with a click).

It’s important to be conscious of today’s tendency of only half living in the moment while surgically attached to a screen telling people what we’re up to via social media. The ironic anti-socialness of social media…  Jersey reminded me of this.

Thank you Jersey for 36 hours of island paradise and for the memo reminding me to take time away from daily screen life and allow my journey to progress more quickly and with a fresh perspective. I’m inspired by new beach themed illustrations of hazy summer days and i’m refreshed to make refocused and organised career plans … watch this space!