2018 Merci Beaucoup

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365 days of 2018 done and dusted.

A  whirlwind year of life shocks, life lessons, chance and change.

My world in 2018 started in a flurry of creativity illustrating for clients, launching Just Add Stamp and consciously thinking about the illustration identity i’ve worked so hard to create and what to do next. The law of attraction states whatever you focus on, think about, read about and talk about intensely you’re going to attract more of in your life. 2018 taught me this truth.

A snowy winter was eventually followed by a much anticipated and long awaited spring and on the first warm, light Friday evening, (which itself hinted at the promise of a hot summer) an encounter with fate brought great change to my life. Isn’t it odd to think that if you done one thing differently at one time you might not be living the same life you are today? We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path.

The summer which followed was an unexpected haze of dreamily blissful days of unrivalled happiness and allowed me some much needed time out to contemplate how I want my career to flow. During this time away from my usual and regimented studio routine I experienced London and life at it’s best. Wall-to-wall hot sunshine allowed for long walks in new areas of the city, day trips, weekend escapes, visits to interesting exhibitions, discovering new galleries, attending design lectures, eating good food at good restaurants, meeting many interesting people and generally feeling totally inspired by and in love with my own life. Life is a series of little miracles and by slowing down (on the work front not the living front) I noticed and appreciated every single one. I loved where my life was at each and every day.

This time made me think about my design ethos, my artistic capability and my illustration potential. It reminded me I have the power to change my own story and anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve. To be creative takes courage but 99% of things you worry about won’t ever happen and its useful to remember over thinking is the of creating problems that don’t exist.

Autumn’s arrival presented a tricky transition. It was hard to leave behind a perfect summer and gravitate to a new reality. To gravitate to the old reality was impossible as I was greatly changed (for the better) by my summer experiences. During this very testing time, supported by my amazing tribe of friends, I remembered I can rise from anything and I fast established a fresh sense of clarity, devised a new mantra and followed it religiously. My steely reliance allowed me to quickly regain my productive professionalism and I pushed forward with hard work, great focus and dedication … to New York.

New York never lets me down (Manhattan and I have history) and now it’s given me an overwhelmingly inspiring career shake up with global opportunities thanks to signing with Stateside based creative agency Renee Rhyner & Co.

2018 has been a total gem. It started slowly then soared beyond my wildest imagination and expectation. It’s funny how one year can teach you more than all the others put together.

My 2019 jounrey is born out of 2018’s evolution and will be entered into with exciting uncertainty. Countless professional and personal adventures lie ahead and I have absolutely no clue where it will take me. That’s ok because I know I will take it day by day and remember great things never come from comfort zones.

Let NYLon living commence.

2019. I’m ready …