Wishing For A Magical 2019

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And so we begin again. Welcome to newness!

As journaled in my previous post 2018 turned out to be the most unexpected of years in my world. The universe dealt me the card of fate which I happily snatched and allowed myself to be swept along by. This opportunity came at a point in my life where I had been continually illustrating for clients but truth be told I was exhausted and didn’t actually know where I was going with it all. I was completely denying this fact to myself and despite being praised about my success I knew somewhere along the way i’d lost my normally overwhelmingly strong sense of creative clarity and the powerful control I had always felt over my career. By ignoring my intuition it was screaming at me even louder.

I thought the solution to this creative fallow was to work harder and harder so I spent more and more time in the studio illustrating. I hoped daily I would be enlightened by some epiphany about how to resolve the way I was feeling. Days, weeks and months had gone by and still no solution had come. My long held mantra of ‘show up, show up, show up and one day the muse will show up’ had never failed me before now. Damn!

Isn’t it funny how life gives you what you need even if it isn’t exactly what you want?

Destiny gave me the opportunity to distract myself from all the pressure I was putting on myself and to become fully immersed in a new life. I knew it at the time and I still know it now, I was truly happy. Genuinely happier than I even knew possible. I went with the flow of life, abandoned my long held workaholic tendencies and did a complete about turn on my usual alpha-type mentality governing my career, the one where I was forever striving for greater success and recognition in the world of design.

My days suddenly played host to excitingly spontaneity and my eyes were opened to a radically different way of life. By removing every single ounce of pressure and stepping off the creative treadmill I felt liberated and free.

As with every yang life phase there comes yin and I was redirected into a state of flux by mid-autumn. Only the closest members of my tribe knew the full extent of what was happening and the heartbreak bootcamp I was stuck in. The best way is to adapt is to focus on the idea that ‘whatever has happened go from here’ which is precisely what I did.

Feeling completely directionless I returned to the studio and sitting at the drawing board for the first time in many months I felt my creative soul reignite and my passion for fashion illustration properly fire up. Phew!

The following few weeks proved to be profoundly healing and transformational. Who knew you could emerge from hell a hell of a lot better?!

Life dealt me a plentiful supply of global career opportunities and a whole host of interesting situations which I jumped right into. Why do I ever doubt that it’s going to be anything other than wonderful?!

2019 begins with great life clarity and design-led intentions. Illustration will forever be at my creative core and allows me to record and express my life through image but last year’s experiences taught me i’m so much more than just drawing. This Journal is one of my greatest intentions and my newest passion. It will speak of me and be an abundantly full artistic platform to share my cornucopious life. My enthusiastic and varied lifestyle will be detailed monthly in a feature entitled ‘Illustrated Life’ and involve a newsy round-up in the form of words, illustrations and photos. Snippets of my days will be shared socially by Instagram and Facebook and along the way other stories from the Emma Cowlam Illustration Studio & Life will be added to the Journal, the subject of which essentially being the contents of my head.

2019 is a blank page where I will invest in the areas of my life I can control and leave the universe to do the rest. It worked last year so here’s hoping …

2019 will be magical.