Just Add Style

Just Add Style is a London design studio Emma has co-founded with Lisa, a highly experienced and accomplished graphic designer.

Lisa and Em have been firm friends since meeting at a swimming pool in 2007. It’s a long story! Back then Lisa was heading up her own successful design agency which continues to thrive and Em was studying textile design at Chelsea Art School in London and gathering a wealth of creative industry experience through freelance work.

They instantly formed a special bond which developed during daily post-swim conversations centred upon art, design, style and life. With Em seeking career advice and some life guidance so Lisa took her under her creative wing and mentored her professionally and personally through the highs (and not-so-highs) of her twenties and her life in London and New York. As Em’s international fashion illustration career flourished, their mentor-mentee relationship progressed into a great friendship.

Their lightbulb moment came in December 2018 when they decided to establish a collaborative studio dedicated to designing the sophisticated and stylish womenswear accessories they wanted in our lives. The Just Add Style story began.

Lisa and Em share a passion for silk scarves and our vision for their collaborative partnership is to create contemporary pieces of luxury, soft-to-touch silk that can be worn and treasured forever.

Their Just Add Style studio ethos is to design silk adorned with the stylish and confident women they witness and are inspired by in their day-to-day lives working in the design and fashion industries. Their silk prints are inspired by global women and the cities they live in. Each silk piece unites their separate professional worlds of fashion illustration, textiles and graphic design to produce scarves which are feminine, elegant, understated and confident – just like the women who feature on them.

Just Add Style’s silk prints are a perfect visual representation of the marriage between Em’s fashion drawings and Lisa’s innovative graphic design work.

Each scarf design begins with Em’s original ink fashion drawings and her work provides the foundation for Just Add Style’s silk prints. Em loves to capture stylish women she witnesses all over the world using her eponymous drawing style which centres upon a sophisticated economy of line. Then Lisa and Em select and curate who is going to feature on the silk and Lisa carefully translates the one-of-a-kind illustrations into a digital textile world, editing and refining the design until the fashion illustrations are re-imagined as a complete print which tells it’s own story and embodies the urban glamour and signature spirit of Just Add Style.

The print is entrusted to Just Add Style’s manufacturing partners in the Far East who use generations of expertise and unparalleled know how to bring the design to life. They endeavour to keep close to the timeless silk traditions with Just Add Style’s scarves made in the town where silk was discovered over 5000 years ago. A close partnership allows Em and Lisa to have complete trust in the production process from fibre to finish and they are safe in the knowledge that Just Add Style’s scarves will be of the highest quality. Once the silk is printed and cut, the edges of each scarf are individually hand rolled by a skilled hand finishing team, adding further sophistication to the silk square.

With great excitement the finished scarves arrive at the Just Add Style studio in London! When an order is placed in the Just Add Style online store, a scarf is lovingly packaged in a premium black gift box, wrapped with a grey grosgrain ribbon, sealed with a printed tag and sent directly from the studio.

Em and Lisa’s aim is to create beautiful and desirable works of art to be loved, treasured and worn. Every garment in a woman’s wardrobe has a story to tell – why they bought it, where they bought it, who they wore it with and they love the idea that Just Add Style scarves are going to go out into the world and make their own stories.

Their vision is to create luxury silk scarves, reminiscent of years gone by, for modern women to wear with confidence and grace. Never underestimate the power of the clothes you wear to impact your mindset and the way you feel about yourself.

Contemporary design, traditional production and fine craftsmanship are the cornerstones of Just Add Style.

From their Just Add Style studio, they’re committed to making a positive impact in the luxury fashion world and British business.

Just Add Style’s online silk Store showcases a collection of beautifully designed, expertly printed and individually hand finished, luxury silk scarves.